7 Reasons to Switch to an Incentives Automation Platform

Purchase and deliver gift cards, vouchers, and coupons via text message and email

Whether you’re sending simple one-off thank you gifts or running complex multi-touch incentive campaigns to drive engagement, Incentives Automation Platforms are transforming the way organizations manage and monitor the giving of Rewards, Incentives, and Payments.

Learn to Use Incentives to:
  • Enhance your brand with Rewards, Incentives & Transactions that build brand value
  • One unified platform to give a wide variety of digital gifts and delivery strategies
  • Re-coup unopened rewards and incentives; no waste maximizes ROI
  • Create lasting impressions with multi-touch campaigns that drive participation.
  • Share with your colleagues

    If you’re looking for a competitive advantage to help build better relationships with prospects, customers, and partners it’s time to take the next step. Simply send digital gift cards, vouchers, and coupons in ways
    people love to receive them.  Incentives Automation enables organizations to purchase and deliver gift cards, locked gift cards, vouchers and coupons via text message and email in ways that create memorable recipient experiences while building valuable, lasting relationships. more…

     TruCentive enables organizations to quickly build, brand, and manage their own reward, marketing, and promotion programs; selecting from a wide variety of digital gifts and delivery strategies

    Try Before you Buy!

    • No Credit Card Required

    • Send Gift Cards via Email and/or SMS

    • Pre-designed Templates

    • Automated Reminders & Follow-up Messages

    • Only Pay for What you Send

    • No Project is Too Big or Too Small

    Our expert customer success team is ready to help you launch your first project:

    • Content Design
    • Branding
    • Gift Card Selection
    • Integration with Your Favorite Tools

    Create & Send Sample Gift Card Messages

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    Say Thank You

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    Lunch and Learn Template

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