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Pizza Day!

National Pizza Day & Pizza Party Day

National Pizza Day and National Pizza Party Day are two separate celebrations, each dedicated to honoring pizza, one of the most popular and beloved food items worldwide. While they share a common theme, they focus on different aspects of enjoying pizza.

National Pizza Day, observed on February 9th, is a day to celebrate the dish itself. It’s a day for individuals to indulge in and appreciate the variety of pizza styles, flavors, and toppings.

National Pizza Party Day, celebrated on the third Friday of May, emphasizes the social aspect of enjoying pizza. It encourages people to gather with friends, family, or coworkers for a pizza party.

Both days are a great excuse to promote employee engagement over one of the world’s most beloved foods!

Coworkers in the office enjoying a slice of Pizza for National Pizza Day



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Send sample email and SMS deliveries of gift cards to yourself or colleagues to show how easy it is to implement your next pizza party.


Boost employee morale

Pizza Day at the workplace can help boost employee morale by providing a fun and engaging break from the daily routine. Sharing pizza with coworkers creates a positive atmosphere and improves job satisfaction.


Encourage team bonding

Offering pizza to employees allows them to socialize and interact with one another in a relaxed setting. This leads to stronger working relationships and improved communication among team members.


Show appreciation

By providing pizza employers demonstrate their gratitude to employees for their hard work and dedication. This small gesture can go a long way in making employees feel valued and appreciated.


Increase productivity

When employees feel happy, appreciated, and well-fed, they are more likely to be productive at work. Celebrating with a pizza lunch or break can give employees the energy and motivation they need to tackle their tasks efficiently.


Strengthen company culture

Hosting a pizza celebration for National Pizza Day helps reinforce a company culture that values fun, camaraderie, and employee appreciation. This can contribute to a positive work environment and help attract and retain top talent.


Promote work-life balance

Allowing employees to take a break and enjoy pizza together during work hours conveys that the company values work-life balance. This, in turn, can help reduce stress levels and improve overall employee well-being.

Group of employees enjoying pizza on a company pizza day

Show Appreciation and Drive Engagement

Company pizza days are a fantastic means of fostering employee engagement and camaraderie within the workplace. The laid-back atmosphere of a pizza party allows people from various backgrounds, departments, and positions to come together and interact with one another in a relaxed and informal setting. This casual environment helps break down barriers and encourages open communication among diverse groups of colleagues. Conversations flow more easily, and people are more inclined to engage with one another, sharing stories, experiences, and even ideas about work.

A Great Time for Recognition

Company pizza days offer an excellent opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate employee achievements outside the traditional recognition cycle. The surprise recognition and informal ambiance make the experience more enjoyable and stress-free for all participants. 

In a relaxed setting, employees can comfortably receive praise and recognition for their accomplishments without the pressure or formality of a more structured event. 

The presentation of fun, casual gifts or gift cards to recognize achievements can add an extra layer of excitement and appreciation, enhancing the overall positive atmosphere and making employees feel more connected to their workplace, motivated to perform at their best, and encouraged to contribute to a supportive and collaborative environment.

Funny Pizza delivery guy on a scooter with an open pizza box

Let Everyone Enjoy!

Don't Forget Remote Employees & Virtual Staff

Give remote workers plenty of advance notice and automate the sending of the pizza of their choice. Track redemption progress so you can make sure everyone gets to participate. 

There are plenty of choices to make sure your remote staff get the pizza they want delivered right to their home before the meeting.

  • Local Merchant Cards, including local pizza places
  • National pizza chain cards
  • Food delivery services; GrubHub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats
  • Payments via Visa/Mastercard, and payment providers

Send remote staff a choice of cards from local and national options with instructions to have the pizza delivered half an hour before the meeting start time.

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Group of gift cards, there are a lot of local and national pizza options

Nation, Local, and Delivery Options

National chains are always appreciated.  But did you know you can “Buy Local” for your next Pizza Day?

TruCentive’s Merchant Gift Cards by Square gives you a choice to “Go Local,” so employees can choose a provider in their local communities!

Don’t forget that in addition to local and national pizza restaurants – use can use DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats for deliveries.

Include a Virtual Visa card option to make sure your local hole-in-the-wall pizza joint is an option.

How much value to put on pizza gift cards?

Make sure to include enough for tips and drinks! Budget $35 to $50 for each employee.

Planning a Pizza Day

Make sure it happens!

Make sure all desired managers and groups across the organization have the opportunity to participate.

  • Add it to manager and group leaders calendars
  • Send cards to pay for the pizza. Include gift cards for local and national brands pizza – Visa is a great make sure everyone get’s the pizza they love.

Don't forget remote & virtual

Order pizza for the onsite party with plenty of advance notice, along with plates and drinks.

Include remote workers in your  Pizza Day party through an online meeting.

  • Give them their choice of Pizza, Door Dash, Grub Hub, and Uber Eats cards.
  • Don’t forget to support local pizza joints with local gift cards or Visa.

Add an additional element of fun

  • A contest for the picture of the most outlandish topping combination
  • Hold a pizza trivia contest (see history below)
  • Have employees share their pizza choice

Send remote staff a choice of cards from local and national options with instructions to have the pizza delivered half an hour before the meeting start time.

Group of employees having a small pizza party

We can help you set up the whole process from sending pizza to remote employees, to sending rewards and incentives to make your recognition memorable.

Pizza has a long history

  • The origins of pizza can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where various wheat flatbreads had ingredients such as cheese, oil, and spices as toppings.

  • Early pizzas were quite different from the pizzas we know today, but they were a precursor to modern pizza.

  • Naples is universally accepted as the birthplace of modern pizza.

  • The actual claim of “first pizza” varies. One of the oldest pizzerias in the world is thought to be the Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba in Naples, having begun in 1738 as a peddler’s stand.
  • Modern pizza history began to take shape in the late 18th and early 19th centuries when tomatoes were added to the mix of ingredients. Modern pizza is made with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil. The first documented pizzaiolo (pizza maker) was Raffaele Esposito, who created a pizza featuring tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil in honor of Queen Margherita in 1889. This pizza, known as the “Margherita,” is still popular today and considered classic.

  • Pizza gained even more popularity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries after being brought to other parts of Europe and the United States. Today, pizza is considered one of the most popular foods in the world and is enjoyed around the globe.

  • Pizza made its way to New York in the United States through Italian immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and quickly became a popular and favorite dish.

  • Pizza has a strong cultural and social aspect. It is often associated with gatherings and celebrations, and many people enjoy the social part of sharing a pizza with friends and family.

  • National Pizza Day was first celebrated in about 2000, but it is unclear who started it.

  • National Pizza Day was first celebrated in about 2000, but it is unclear who started it.

  • National Pizza “Party” Day was first celebrated in 2006 to expand on National Pizza Day, focusing on people enjoying pizza vs. pizza itself.

Pizza facts:

Pizza Trivia:

Q: What country is pizza originally from?
A: Italy

Q: What year was the first pizzeria opened in the United States?
A: 1905

Q: What city is home to the first pizzeria in the United States?
A: New York City

Q: What is the name of the first pizzeria in the United States?
A: Lombardi’s

Q: What ancient civilization is credited with first putting toppings on flatbread?
A: Ancient Greeks

Q: In what year was the Margherita pizza created?
A: 1889

Q: The Margherita pizza was named after which queen?
A: Queen Margherita of Savoy

Q: What are the three colors of the Italian flag represented by the Margherita pizza?
A: Green (basil), white (mozzarella), and red (tomato)

Q: What is the most popular pizza topping in the United States?
A: Pepperoni

Q: What is the name of the thin, crispy pizza style that originated in Naples, Italy?
A: Neapolitan pizza

Q: What style of pizza is known for its deep dish and thick crust?
A: Chicago-style pizza

Q: What type of pizza is characterized by its rectangular shape and thick, airy crust?
A: Sicilian pizza

Q: Which pizza chain was founded in Wichita, Kansas, in 1958?
A: Pizza Hut

Q: In what year was the Hawaiian pizza created?
A: 1962

Q: Who is credited with creating the Hawaiian pizza?
A: Sam Panopoulos

Q: What are the two main toppings on a classic Hawaiian pizza?
A: Ham and pineapple

Q: What is the most expensive pizza topping in the world?
A: Truffles

Q: What is the world record for the largest pizza ever made?
A: 13,580 square feet

Q: In which country was the largest pizza ever made created?
A: Italy

Q: What is the name of the world’s longest pizza, which measured 1.32 miles?
A: Ottavia

Q: What pizza chain is known for its “30 minutes or less” delivery guarantee?
A: Domino’s (though they discontinued the guarantee in the 1990s)

Q: What is the most popular day of the week for ordering pizza in the United States?
A: Saturday

Q: Which country consumes the most pizza per capita?
A: The United States

Q: What day of the year sees the highest pizza sales in the United States?
A: Super Bowl Sunday

Q: What is the name of the pizza variety that originated in St. Louis, Missouri, and is known for its cracker-like crust and square slices?
A: St. Louis-style pizza

Q: What type of cheese is most commonly used on New York-style pizza?
A: Mozzarella

Q: What type of oven is traditionally used to cook Neapolitan pizza?
A: Wood-fired oven

Q: How many slices are typically in a large pizza from a major pizza chain?
A: 8 slices

Q: What is the term for the outer edge of a pizza crust?
A: Cornicione

Q: What is the name of the tool used to cut a pizza into slices?
A: Pizza

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