Build & brand  digital reward, compensation, marketing and sales programs to maximize ROI and conversion rates!

Your program, your way

Creative control

Enhance your brand with Rewards, Incentives & Transactions that build value, rather than just define value

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Your mission control

Everything in one place

Rewards should be as easy as saying “Good Job” or “Thank You”. With TruCentive you get one unified platform to give a wide variety of digital gifts and delivery strategies

We save you money

Zero waste

TruCentive allows you to re-coup unopened rewards and incentives; no waste maximizes ROI and drives more effective programs

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Awesome user experience

Higher conversions, happier recipients

Create lasting impressions with multi-touch campaigns that drive participation via intuitive and seamless engagement scenarios. 

Extend the life of your program – Reminders assure that you AND your incentives are remembered!

What can be sent

Mix it up!

TruCentive allows you to send digital coupons, offers, rebates, gift cards, vouchers and compliance messaging

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 TruCentive enables organizations to quickly build, brand, and manage their own reward, marketing, and promotion programs; selecting from a wide variety of digital gifts and delivery strategies.

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Simply send digital gift cards, vouchers and money in ways people love to receive them