Drive Results!

Use gift cards to drive engagement, participation, and reward loyalty. 

Choose from over 1,000 gift card options and deliver them in ways that enhance your brand and maximize ROI by returning 100% of unclaimed funds back to you.

• Surveys
• Webinars
• Referrals
• Thank You
• Trade Shows

• Employee Incentives
• Reviews
• Beta Programs
• Clinical Trials
• Demos
• Meetings

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Recipients of gift cards on cell phone

Eliminate program waste!
Funds for incentives that are not claimed within your pre-set time-frame are automatically returned to your account.

100% of incentives that are not opened within your pre-set time-frame are automatically returned to your account. Extend your online gift card program by adding participants with the funds that would normally go to waste.

Make an impact!

Build and brand digital reward, compensation, marketing and sales programs to maximize ROI and conversion rates!

  • Associate your brand with each incentive
  • Set timing to optimize results
  • Measure the impact with insights
  • Maximize ROI with

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Awesome user experience

Higher conversions, happier recipients

Create lasting impressions with multi-touch campaigns that drive participation via intuitive and seamless engagement scenarios. Extend the life of your program and gift card delivery– Reminders assure that you AND your incentives are remembered!

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Flying Amazon gift card, Visa Gift Card, Doordash Gift Card, Grubhub Gift Card, Dominos Gift Card
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Your mission control

Everything in one place

Rewards should be as easy as saying “Good Job” or “Thank You”. With TruCentive you get one unified platform to give a wide variety of digital gifts and delivery strategies

We save you money

Zero waste

Re-coup unclaimed rewards and incentives; no waste maximizes ROI and drives more effective programs. 100% of unclaimed incentives are automatically returned to your account.

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Mix it up!

Let your recipient choose

Send a single Amazon gift card, or mix it up with a selection of gift cards your recipient can choose from. Follow up with automated reminders to make sure you are remembered even after an online gift card has been claimed

Happy gift card recipient
Gift Cards flying in from the left. Let your recipients choose a gift card from your selection: Amazon gift card, visa gift card, international gift cards

Build, brand, and manage your own reward, marketing, and promotion programs; selecting from a wide variety of digital gifts and delivery strategies.