B2B Gift Card Survey Results

2021 Gift Card Preference Survey

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Listen to our fast-paced Coffee with TruCentive webinar as we discuss our 2021 B2B Gift Card Survey Results. In less than 30 minutes, learn how organizations have shifted their rewards and incentives strategies to enhance Marketing and HR programs. Our survey included 1620 businesses across many industries to better understand how and why organizations are evolving their gift card strategies.

B2B Gift Card Survey Results Detail:

We conducted our first survey three years ago and have added new questions to address an ever-evolving marketplace. We looked at trends in addition to adding some very interesting new data points for this year to address new features and use cases. Our study used a random selection of organizations all with revenue of more than one million dollars. We sent a series of four email invitations over a three-month period requesting participation in the 20-question online survey.  We received over 1700 responses which we scrubbed to make sure no one company was over-represented. This process reduced the data set to 1,620 U.S. businesses. Of those 1620 businesses, 1,117 are currently using gift cards as rewards or incentives. 

In this edition of Coffee with TruCentive, we covered:

  • How usage has changed over the past 3 years.
  • Which gift cards work best and the best values.
  • How organizations changed their strategy to improve results & ROI.
  • Which departments are most active & their use cases.
  • Organizations planned adoption over the next 12 months.


Note: Organizations with more than one respondent were interviewed to assess the organization’s overall usage to eliminate any departmental or siloed disparities in the survey results.