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More than gift cards!

Programs require different tactics to influence behavior and drive results! TruCentive gives you the tools to deliver gift cards, vouchers, and coupons in ways that delight recipients.  Deliver your brand and your message, at the right time, with the right incentive, automated reminders, and post-claim follow-up; in the ways, people love to receive them: Email, SMS, or both!

Recipient Choice

Curate a set of cards and let your recipient choose which one works best for them. Select from over 1000 gift card options. Create programs with themes: Coffee, Tech, Pizza, or delivery: Doordash, Grubhub &Uber Eats.

Recipient Choic

Design messages that get you remembered!

Create stunning messages that create a lasting impression. Start from scratch, or just drop your logo into one of our pre-designed templates and you’re ready to start your compelling gift card delivery for, compensation, marketing and promotion programs in minutes. You have complete control over the structure and design elements of each message. And, each message, recipient page, and reminder can be unique so you can mix up your tactics in a single program.

Oracle Sample Template


Grab your audiences’ attention by providing incentives for Surveys, Referrals, and Webinars. Increase response rates without adding unnecessary  overhead.


TruCentive gives you a 100% refund when a gift goes unclaimed! We make sure you never waste money on unclaimed gifts.


Create campaigns in minutes! Simply add your logo, message and target audience and your ready to reward, incentivize, or just say Thank You!      

Create Rewards and Incentives Campaigns

Build campaigns that drive results!

Design multi-step campaigns with reminders that get recipients to take action. You define the audience, set the timing, and how long a prospect has to respond before their incentive expires. Even add a follow-up email or SMS message after your recipient has claimed their incentive. You receive 100% of the incentive value to maximize campaign ROI 


We make sure you have full control over your programs. You choose who can create content and programs, and who can approve final delivery 


Allocate funds to individual programs. You choose who has access to each program and how much they can allocate to each one                        


Know exactly who is responding, the status of incentives that have been used and those that are pending and those that have been refunded to you

Detailed delivery status of each and every incentive

Know the who, what, and when of each incentive. Understand which incentives have been viewed, claimed, and what type of card has been selected for recipient choice deliveries.

View the Delivery Status of all Incentives
Apple Wallet
Google Pay

One click convenience

Make it incredibly easy for your recipients to claim their rewards and incentives. Our one-click-to-claim model makes claiming incentives a breeze. We don’t stop there, recipients may print their incentive, including your branding and messaging, as well as ad them to their Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

More than just gift card codes

Do you need gift card codes to print or add to your existing sales or marketing platform?  With TruCentive, we give you more. Generate gift card URLs that give you the benefit of recouping the value of unclaimed gift cards AND give your recipients a stunning experience with a curated choice of cards,  100% customizable design and branding,  as well as the option of adding additional calls to action to further your sales, marketing or HR goals.

Export Gift Card Delivery URLS

Save Money

We eliminate program waste!  Funds for incentives that are not opened within your pre-set time-frame are automatically returned to your account

Save Money
Integrate with 1000's of Applications

Connect the apps you use every day

Integrate with hundreds of applications. Whether you’re sending rewards and incentives to employees, prospects, customers, or partners, automate the process to assure timely delivery. 

Integrate with Thousands of Applications

Whether your considering a meal delivery gift card, visa gift card email delivery, or want to give recipients a choice. TruCentive gives you the tools to design your program your way! 

Built on a world-class foundation, the TruCentive Platform is designed to help your organization deliver more value.  What sets TruCentive apart from other providers are its global standards of efficiency, reliability and flexibility that push continuous innovation.

Try Before you Buy!

• No Credit Card Required

• Send Gift Cards via Email and/or SMS

• Pre-designed Templates

• Automated Reminders & Follow-up Messages

• Only Pay for What you Send

• No Project is Too Big or Too Small

Our expert customer success team is ready to help you launch your first project:

• Content Design
• Branding
• Gift Card Selection
• Integration with Your Favorite Tools

Create & Send Sample Gift Card Messages

via email & SMS

in Minutes!

Busy Bee sample template

Say Thank You

Employee Rewards

Lunch and Learn Template

Get More Attendees

Meetings & Lunch and Learns

Survey Templates

Drive Results

Surveys, Events, Webinars

You’ve Been Busy!

We all appreciate your hard work. Your leadership and dedication has motivated many in our organization. Thank You… Terry
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