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We are re-wiring the $300 Billion Dollar Business Incentive Fulfillment and Reward Delivery Industry

TruCentive is changing the way organizations deliver rewards and incentives. One of the most exciting segments in the fintech space, incentives automation allows organizations to motivate and delight employees, prospects, and customers with instant recognition and zero waste. We are re-wiring the $300 billion annually incentives industry with an all-encompassing platform to digitally curate, deliver, and monitor the delivery of a broad spectrum of incentives in real-time. 


Whether you need more information or support or want to share your feedback, our team is ready to assist. Please fill out the form below or reach out directly via email or phone. Your questions, comments, and concerns are important, and we aim to respond promptly and efficiently. Let’s make your incentive program a success together!”

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2000 University Ave Suite 601, Palo Alto, CA 94303


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6 am PST to 6 pm PST
Monday – Friday

You can find answers to frequently asked questions or submit a question of your own in our help center.


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Talk with one of our industry experts to see how TruCentive provides a better user experience while saving you money on every gift, reward, and incentive.

Career Opportunities

At TruCentive, we are devoted to supporting, engaging, and investing in the development of our employees.  Our business model gives us the opportunity to attract the best talent anywhere in the world.

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We are re-wiring the $300+ billion incentives industry with an all-encompassing platform to digitally curate, deliver, and monitor in real-time the delivery of a rewards, gifts, and incentives.

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Act with Heart

We’re passionate about each other, about our performance, and about our customers. We do the right thing, not always the easy thing—we find common ground through give-and-take.
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Practice Considerate Communication

We communicate with intent, purpose, and transparency. We are all remote from someone else, and we are aware of how our actions impact others.
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Act Humbly and Confidently

We’re approachable, accessible, and supportive. We act without ego or pretension, and express opinions with respect for one another’s perspectives.
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Collaborate with Bias to Action

We do not fear failure, we use proper judgment, we are creative, and we pride ourselves on getting results. We understand the power of trust among our colleagues, our users, and our community.

Ready to design something brilliant?

Schedule a free design session

Our design sessions are the perfect way to show you how TruCentive can help you realize your rewards, gifts, or payout goals in a real-world scenario, building a complete project with everything from your logo, design options, and messaging to incentive selection, deliveries, and reminders. 

When we’re done, you’ll:


  • Possess a solid grasp of constructing your project.


    • Have a comprehensive understanding of best practices for incentive delivery.


  • Learn the secrets of the incentives industry and the savings and advantages of utilizing TruCentive for your next program.
A mosaic of gift, award, and incentive automation designs that were created in TruCentive by customers in their design session
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If you’re ready to start designing on your own, sign up and start sending samples. There’s no credit card required to start exploring your creative side!

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Create “Grade-A” content

Use powerful features to quickly create professional-looking incentive deliveries

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At your service

With a TruCentive subscription, you get technical support for all your team members so you can get back to your project fast

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Reimagine your productivity

Eliminate the time and frustration managing the procurement, delivery, and management of your rewards and incentives deliveries

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