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Coffee with TruCentive Gift Card Survey

Gift card delivery success depends on more than the value of the gift card or selection of cards. High perceived value depends just as much on the delivery impression and the redemption process. Learn how to maximize the overall value of every incentive you deliver.

In this edition of Coffee with TruCentive, we covered a variety of gift card delivery tips and tricks:

  • Why so many incentives go unclaimed – Marketing | Sales | Employee
  • How to craft effective emails and/or SMS messages to maximize delight
  • The differences in delivery experiences
  • Why reminders are key to success
  • How to include additional calls to action
  • Reporting and understanding recipient engagement

Immediate rewards strengthen the association between the activity and the goal of the activity, making people feel like the task is rewarding in and of itself. 

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Anticipation of rapid feedback improves performance almost any event or task because it increases the positive experience of the task and increases motivation and persistence. This suggests the timing of a reward may matter more for intrinsic motivation than the size of the reward or possibly that a series of smaller, more frequent bonuses throughout the year could motivate employees more than a larger end-of-the-year bonus.

Many view an incentive delayed as an incentive denied!

Don’t forget, nothing disengages your team members more than predictability. As much as employees say they enjoy working from home, many of them are tired of balancing child care and work responsibilities. They’re weary of constantly preparing meals at home or ordering takeout that’s lukewarm when it arrives. When they hear that there’s another quarterly all-hands meeting, they know they won’t be in the office sharing jokes with colleagues or enjoying lunch brought in from their favorite deli. They’re probably also dreading sitting alone in their home workspace and watching slide after slide of data that doesn’t matter much to them.