TruCentive is an Incentives Automation company founded with one mission: Enable organizations to quickly build, brand and manage digital reward, compensation, marketing and promotion programs to maximize ROI and conversion rates.

San Francisco

We’re helping the world make digital rewards, marketing, and promotion programs better—and loving every second of it

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Act with Heart

We’re passionate about each other, about our performance, and about our customers. We do the right thing, not always the easy thing—we find common ground through give-and-take.

Sharing opinions on the job

Practice Considerate Communication

We communicate with intent, purpose, and transparency. We are all remote from someone else, and we are aware of how our actions impact others.

Enjoying working together

Act Humbly and Confidently

We’re approachable, accessible, and supportive. We act without ego or pretension, and express opinions with respect for one another’s perspectives.

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Collaborate with Bias to Action

We do not fear failure, we use proper judgment, we are creative, and we pride ourselves on getting results. We understand the power of trust among our colleagues, our users, and our community.

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Beyond TruCentive

We’re active in our communities inside and outside TruCentive. We strive to cultivate generosity, make a positive impact to those around us, care for one another, and maintain a healthy work/life balance.