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The visual design accompanying a gift or reward can significantly enhance the recipient’s emotional experience. A well-designed message, with appealing colors, engaging graphics, and a thoughtful layout, not only captures the recipient’s attention but also conveys the value and thoughtfulness behind the gift or reward. Make designing memorable gifts, rewards, and incentives part of your 2024 strategy.

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Why Design Matters

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First Impression and Perceived Value:

The visual appeal of an incentive can greatly influence an employee’s initial reaction to it. A well-designed, aesthetically pleasing incentive is more likely to be perceived as valuable and thoughtful. This enhances the perceived worth of the incentive, regardless of its monetary value.

Reinforcement of Company Brand and Values:

The visual design of an incentive can be aligned with the company’s branding and core values. This helps in reinforcing the organization’s culture and identity. For instance, an incentive that embodies a company’s commitment to sustainability or innovation can strengthen these values among employees.

Emotional Connection and Memorability:

Good design can create an emotional connection. An incentive that is visually appealing and resonates with the recipient on an emotional level is more likely to be memorable and appreciated. Designing memorable gifts  also strengthens the employee’s emotional bond with the company.

Clarity and Communication:

Visual design can be used to communicate the purpose and relevance of the incentive clearly and effectively. Infographics, branding elements, and thoughtful design can convey the message more effectively than words alone, making the incentive’s intent and significance clearer.

Inclusivity and Personalization:

Inclusivity and Personalization: Thoughtful design can cater to diverse tastes and preferences, making employees feel that the incentive was personalized for them. This can be particularly impactful in diverse workplaces where inclusivity is key.

Motivation and Engagement:

A visually attractive incentive can generate more excitement and engagement among employees. It can create a buzz in the workplace and encourage others to aspire for similar recognition.

Professionalism and Respect:

A well-designed incentive shows a level of professionalism and respect towards the employees. It demonstrates that the company has invested time and effort into creating something of quality, which can be seen as a reflection of how the company values its employees.

In summary, the visual design of an employee incentive is not just about aesthetics; it plays a crucial role in how the incentive is perceived, valued, and remembered. Designing memorable gifts, rewards and incentives, significantly enhances the effectiveness of the incentive in motivating, engaging, and appreciating employees.

Design Trends

Designing digital gifts, rewards, and incentives for email distribution involves a blend of creativity, technology, and marketing strategy. Here are key design trends for sending these items via email & SMS:

Tailoring the gift or incentive to the recipient’s preferences or past selections. (Recipient choice of gift cards, merchandise or payments). Or, simply using their name in the email or/and an automatically inserted personal message from a manager. You may also consider dynamic images depending on the recipient.

Mobile Optimization:
Ensuring the email and its contents are easily accessible and visually appealing on mobile devices, as a significant number of users check their emails on smartphones.

Minimalist and Clean Design:
A simple, uncluttered layout helps in highlighting the gift or incentive and makes the call to action clear.

High-Quality Visuals:
Use of high-resolution images or graphics to make the email visually appealing and to give a premium feel to the gift or incentive.

Clear and Concise Messaging:
Ensuring the email content is straightforward and easy to understand, focusing on the reason for the delivery of the gift or reward.

Sustainability and Ethics: Highlighting any sustainable or ethical aspects of the gift or reward can resonate with environmentally and socially conscious recipients.

Use of Video or GIFs:
Incorporating dynamic media like videos or GIFs to grab attention and better explain the value or use of the gift.

Seasonal or Thematic Designs:
Aligning the design with current seasons, holidays, or events can make the offer more timely and relevant.

Seamless Redemption Process:
Ensuring that the process to redeem the gift or incentive is straightforward and hassle-free. This is standard with all TruCentive deliveries. One click redemption, country aware selections, search and filters make selection a breeze.

A/B Testing:
Continuously testing different design elements to see what works best with your audience.

These trends can help create an effective and memorable digital gifting experience via email or SMS.


Celebrating life events is a meaningful way to show appreciation, support, and care for employees as individuals beyond their professional roles. While some celebrations may be tied to specific occasions or milestones like birthdays, work anniversaries, or holidays, there are many other reasons to celebrate life events without needing a particular justification.



Recognizing employees’ birthdays shows that the company cares about them as individuals. It boosts employee morale, promotes a positive work environment, and enhances employee engagement.


Work Anniversaries

Celebrating work anniversaries acknowledges an employee’s loyalty and dedication to the organization. It helps in building a sense of belonging and strengthens the bond between the employee and the company.


Achievements and Awards

Recognizing an employee’s personal achievements or awards, such as winning a sports competition or receiving recognition outside of work, demonstrates appreciation for their talents and efforts beyond their professional role.



Recognizing anniversaries or other significant personal anniversaries helps employees feel valued and appreciated for their commitment to their personal relationships.


Births and Adoptions

Celebrating the birth or adoption of an employee’s child demonstrates support for their family life. It can be a joyous occasion that brings colleagues together to share in the happiness.



Celebrating an employee’s graduation, whether from school or a professional program, acknowledges their achievements and dedication to personal growth and development.



Celebrating an employee’s retirement is a way to honor their years of service and contributions to the organization. It provides closure and recognition for their career journey.



Celebrating an employee’s wedding is a way to share in their joyous occasion and show support during a significant life milestone. It demonstrates care and empathy for the employee’s personal life.


Personal Accomplishments

Observing cultural and religious holidays shows respect for employees’ diversity and inclusivity. Celebrating these events can help create a more culturally sensitive and inclusive workplace.

What matters to employees?

Employee satisfaction and engagement are closely tied to feeling heard, appreciated, and supported in both professional and personal lives. What celebrations and acknowledgements are important to your employees?

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