Employee Engagement Incentives

Successful organizations use employee engagement incentives and reward programs to help retain and attract high-quality employees. HR departments deploy these programs to motivate, recognize, and retain employees.

No matter the occasion, a little bit of fun in the workplace along with unexpected gifts can boost morale, build team spirit and foster a sense of loyalty to the organization.

Employee engagement is key to maintaining a productive and motivated workforce. Engaged employees are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs, and more likely to contribute to company goals and objectives.

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Use incentives regularly

  • Recognizing employees for specific, identifiable actions demonstrates that you appreciate their skills and that the company values them.
  • Employees stay when they know their work is valued. They quit when managers fail to show employee appreciation.
  • Showing appreciation for employees exhibits your workplace’s values, including respect, fairness, open communication, teamwork, and more.
  • Employee recognition is a positive way to communicate your high standards for work and your willingness to reward people with similar standards.
  • Recognizing employee teams builds camaraderie and a spirit of cooperation.
  • Offering a wide selection of incentives and awards increase the perceived value of the incentive.
  • The top five most popular gift card choices are Visa, Amazon, Target, Starbucks and Best Buy 
thanking employee with incentives
Recognition is not a scarce resource. You can't use it up or run out of it

Three key aspects to sustainable incentive programs

1. Ease of use

A well thought out system should make managing incentive programs simple. Begin with expertly crafted templates, or unleash your creativity.

2. Employee Delight

Surprise employees! Employees remember actions. It’s important that these incentive actions be regular, visible (when appropriate), and memorable.

3. Employee Choice

Curate a small number of incentive choices. Studies show that 6 or fewer choices is ideal for each program



Simple tools to deliver rewards and incentives in ways that delight your employees.  Features including “Recipients Choice,” to make incentives personal and memorable.

For employees, prompt and hassle-free incentive redemption is important. A good experience acknowledges their valuable participation ensuring they feel valued and respected in the process.


Attractive incentive options contribute to employee satisfaction and are important for employee retention. They are one element of a broader employee engagement and retention strategy.

Positive feedback and recognition make employees feel valued. Positive feedback increases camaraderie and makes employees feel supported and valued at work.


Flexibility of choice lets you  offer options ranging from Visa, AMEX, 3,000+ merchant gift cards, local vendors and an incredible selection of physical card options. You get the flexibility to send more than gift cards and have full control over your incentive, message, and delivery.

Flexibility managing delivery gives you control of incentives via SMS, email, or in-person with the ability to resend, edit, or revoke deliveries at any time. 

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Employees Prefer Choice

Offering employees a choice of incentives and rewards can foster greater engagement and motivation within your organization.


When employees have the option to select their preferred incentives and rewards, they experience a heightened sense of control over their contributions.

Boosted Enthusiasm

Allowing employees to choose incentives or rewards that resonate with them personally increases their motivation to excel in their roles and support the company’s success.

Positive Affiliation

Receiving a desired reward creates a stronger positive affiliation with the organization and its initiatives.

Enhanced Perceived Value

Selecting incentives or rewards that align with their preferences increases the perceived value of these offerings to employees.

By providing a variety of incentive choices to your employees, you can create a positive and rewarding work environment, leading to increased motivation, engagement, and a willingness to continue contributing to the company’s success.


Uber Gift Card
Safeway, Albertsons, Vons, Acme, Shaws, Randalls, Gift Card
CVS Gift Card


Amazon Gift Card
Visa Card
Walmart Gift Card


Fandango Gift Card
AMC gift card
"People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards."
Dale Carnegie
Writer and lecturer
"Recognition is not a scarce resource. You can't use it up or run out of it."
Susan M. Heathfield
Management consultant
"... try to catch people in your company doing something right, then praise them for it."
Tom Hopkins

Employee Experience

Recognition that delights

Receiving incentives and rewards should be effortless and adaptable to employee preference.

A streamlined and flexible process not only creates a positive experience for the employee but also leaves a lasting impression, improves and contributes to the overall success of your recognition and incentives programs.

You have the option to send incentives and reward choices through email, SMS messages, or in-person delivery, based on what suits your organization best.

Automated reminders assure that employees get the news. Follow up messages may also be sent post-claim to add an extra “thank you.”

Typical Cadence

Day 0 – Initial incentive delivery

Day 1 – Reminder of unclaimed incentive

Day 5 – Reminder of unclaimed incentive

Day 15 –  Additional reminders as needed

A final reminder 5 days prior to the expiration of your incentive offer

Email, SMS, or in-person delivery

Thank you email
thank you SMS

Employee recognition, incentive and reward claim page

A choice of incentives makes the recognition more memorable

thank you incentive landing page

Manager and HR Experience

Convenience & Flexibility

Sending incentives and rewards is uncomplicated, seamless and flexible for manager, administrators and HR personnel.

Complete projects may be shared to facilitate fast, accurate and on-brand sending.

Choose email, SMS message, or printed for in-person delivery, depending on your preference.

Initial incentive award messages are followed up with automated reminders to help assure that participants claim their reward.

Post-claim messages may be used in various ways, including additional thanks to employees

Typical Cadence

Day 0 – Initial incentive delivery

Day 1 – Reminder of unclaimed incentive

Day 5 – Reminder of unclaimed incentive

Day 15 –  Additional reminders as needed

A final reminder 5 days prior to the expiration of your incentive offer

Incentive and Reward Delivery

Add subjects individually or load a complete list.

Adding subjects for compensation for a clinical trial

Incentive and Reward Delivery

Edit, resend or revoke compensation deliveries

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More than gift cards

  • 3,000+ Major Brand Gift Cards – 150 countries
  • 85,000+ Local merchant gift cards
  • You choose or let your recipient enter their zip code and choose
  • Pre-Paid Visa & MasterCard cards – Digital and Physical Options
  • 10,000+ Merchandise options – No shipping, no markup
  • Payments – Deposit to Debit Card – Deposit to Bank Account – PayPal (300+ countries) & Venmo


TruCentive gives you the tools to deliver rewards and incentives in ways that magnify your brand and delight your recipients.

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