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Enhancing Your Brand When Sending Incentives

Your Brand, Your Message, Your Design

Whether your sending incentives to acquire, engage, or retain customers, getting the most for your incentive dollar comes down to three things: 1. Sending the right message, 2. Projecting your brand, 3. Recouping unclaimed incentives. At every step of the way you should be considering if your incentive delivery is also enhancing your brand. 

In this edition of Coffee with TruCentive, we covered how you can:

  • Create more effective messaging
  • Use personalization & choice – What, why, and When
  • Tie together incentives and messaging
  • Implement a staged delivery strategy to increase brand impact
  • Play the economics of eGift cards to your advantage
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“Decisions about customer acquisition, retention and development shouldn’t be driven by cost considerations—they should be based on future value.”  ~Wharton Marketing Professor Peter Fader

Last year, mobile was the preferred way to consume email. However, this year, mobile rates went down from 42% in 2019 to 39% in 2021.  So while in early in 2020 the mantra was “Design for mobile” it’s no longer the case and we need to make sure our incentives display on all platforms. This is why we put so much effort into our email and landing page builders to help you enhance your brand in every step of your program.