The Twelve Ways of Local Holiday Gifts!

The magic of local holiday gifts

Give the choice of local holiday gifts and encourage employees, customers, and partners to support their community via local Gift Cards.

Whether helping your employees unearth unique, handcrafted gifts at local businesses, find treasures crafted by community artisans, or savor fresh food sourced from the local area, you can help them boost local economies. Keeping money within the community fosters fiscal health and a jolly holiday season.

Local holiday gift cards make for a memorable sign of appreciation.

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Local Merchant with patron shopping with a local gift card for local holiday gifts delivered by TruCentive

Local gift cards make excellent last-minute gifts and incentives for employees, customers, and partners! Send-ready projects make it easy!

Celebrate the season with gifts that make a difference!

local holiday gifts one

Unique, Handcrafted Gifts

Local businesses are bursting with one-of-a-kind treasures made by local craftspeople. Shopping close to home provides an opportunity to find objects that you won’t find elsewhere. Express your local support and give your employees, customers, and partners local gifts that they will remember.

local holiday gifts two

Boost Local Economies

When you give a gift of local gift choices you help ensure that more money stays in local economies. That contributes to the fiscal health of the local areas your gift recipients call home. Making local businesses a priority can help ensure that everyone has a jolly holiday season and a sense of community spirit.

local holiday gifts three

More Personalized Service

Your gift recipients are almost certain to receive a  more personal experience when shopping locally. No big corporations here, just local real people who typically live in the communities they serve. Thew folks behind the counter are most likely neighbors and they are prepared to give  personal service.

local holiday gifts four

Help the Planet

Local businesses often source products locally which can mean shorter transportation distances. Want to reduce your carbon footprint? When you shop locally you may find products with much less unnecessary packaging which reduces the amount of waste. It’s a win all around.

local holiday gifts five

Bond with the Community

The gift of local choices gives your gift recipients a chance to know and interact with folks in their own communities. Local engagements provide a sense of community and knowledge of the hometown area. Supporting local merchants and artisans is a practical way to build local community and friendships.

local holiday gifts six

Embrace Local Culture

Local businesses reflect the local scene and the rich cultural heritage that makes communities unique. When you give the gift of local choices, you are giving goods and service that are usually designed and produced by local artisans, makers and merchants. What better way to stay in touch with local traditions, crafts and foods?

local holiday gifts seven

Support Local Charites and Organizations

Local businesses usually have an outsized impact on the local community, generally support local charities and give back to community organizations in the areas they serve. When you support local commerce, you support local communities and indirectly support local charities and community groups.

local holiday gifts eight

Better Quality and Freshness

When it comes to freshness, nothing beats locally sourced and prepared foods. Fresh, unprocessed foods taste better and often have a higher nutritional value than foods that have been sitting in transit for days. From farm-to-table produce to fresh-from-the-oven treats, local products produced by local artisans that take pride in their goods are a treat.

local holiday gifts nine

Investing in Entrepreneurship and Local Innovation

Local businesses are the engine that drives innovation. Big dreams and novel ideas typically spring from local startups and local businesses.  Who knows – when you support a small local business that has a great idea, you may be supporting the start of the next big thing.

local holiday gifts ten

Preserving Main Street

Local businesses are essential to maintain thriving communities and active and vibrant business areas. Unique and active local businesses play an outsize role in making communities attractive and sustainable. Downtowns are the catalyst to what gives an area its reputation and appeal.

local holiday gifts eleven

Flexibility and Customization

Local businesses thrive on making customers happy by accommodating the unique needs of their customers. Whether it’s product customization, providing more personalized service, adapting and tailoring a product to a particular need or providing gift wrapping, local business are more likely to go the extra mile for customers.

local holiday gifts twelve

Shaping Local Communities

When you give the gift of local gift redemption choices to your employees, customers, and partners you help them play a role in shaping the nature of their communities’ commercial landscapes. Their purchase from your gift choices assists them in encouraging to local entrepreneurs and artisans enabling them continued success to continue offering unique and diverse goods and services.

Local Holiday Gift Cards

85,000+ Local Card Options

Local holiday gifts spending is vital to the economy of every community! Organizations can now encourage their employees, customers, and partners to support their community via local holiday gifts!

Use local Gift Cards to promote Shop Local by employees, customers, and partners
85,000 local gift card options available to help organizations keep dollars local

Focus Where Your Employees Live and Work

Local holiday gift shopping lets money cycle back into the community. This means opportunities for local businesses to give back through sponsorships and community events. Investing in your area is an easy way to pay it forward to people in your community.

Shopping local also helps  local taxes flow through your regional area. Local taxes are often used for parks, roads, and community improvements which we all benefit from daily.

Small Business Saturday and National Small Business Week helped jumpstart a trend of shopping locally and are celebrated nationally in communities big and small. However… shouldn’t we be supporting our community businesses year-round – especially for last-minute local holiday gifts?

More Choice, More Community

Whether your organization has a single location or multiple locations, offering local holiday gifts lets employees, customers and partners shop locally and support their community no matter where they are. 

  • Select specific local cards by zip code, keyword, and/or category.
  • Curate your list and let your recipients choose.
  • With over 85,000 options, there’s something for everyone.
  • Create different projects and curated lists for different locations.
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Include Your Favorite Local Merchants

TruCentive uses the Square gift card Marketplace to offer organizations “Shop Local” gift cards. More than 85,000 retailers use Square to offer gift cards.

If you have a favorite merchant you want to include in your “shop local” program, it’s easy for any seller to offer and redeem gift cards via Square with no special equipment or monthly fees. 


  • Cities
  • Regions
  • Downtowns
  • Neighborhoods

Lead an actionable shop local revolution right in your erea! 

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