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Meetings, Events, and Surveys – Incentive Tips, Tricks & Tactics

With more online activity it’s getting harder to get and maintain interest. Review real-world tips and tricks organizations are using to tie incentives to the programs that drive their revenue. Whether you’re considering Event, Survey, or Meeting Incentives, consider the options to optimize the value of your incentive and how your brand is tied to its delivery.

In this edition of Coffee with TruCentive, we covered:

  • The key tactics your peers are using to enhance their programs
  • Why you should let your recipients choose their own incentive 
  • How to mix up the delivery and design of your reminders
  • Why and when to use gated meeting incentives
  • When to play the economics of eGift cards to your advantage
Play Video about Using incentives to bost meeting, survey, and event participation.

One of the key topics we cover in this coffee with TruCentive is trying to balance your incentive with the size of the request of your audience. i.e. do I have a good balance between my participant’s commitment and what I’m trying to achieve. Very often we overlook the overall commitment of the engagement. It’s not just this event, but any follow-on activity the audience envisions as part of the relationship. Everyone has different time constraints so there may also be different strategies based on title or role within a company and Meeting Incentives.


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