Research Compensation

Compensation can be a powerful tool for encouraging participation and engagement in research activities, such as Clinical Trials, Market Research, User-Interface (UI) design studies, and organizing focus groups.

TruCentive has the tools to motivate participation and reduce attrition via best practice gift card and payments delivery.

Studies show that using carefully selected compensation options, participants are more easily acquired and are more likely to stay engaged and throughout the duration of a study.

Attract & Retain - Thousands of gift card options
Eliminate waste - Only pay for claimed incentives
Reduce Overhead - Deliver in minutes


Large Program Features

Overcoming objections

  • Ensure that potential participants fully understand the purpose, and benefits of the research.
  • Assure participants that their responses and participation will be kept confidential, unless otherwise agreed and that their privacy will be protected.
  • Highlight the benefits of participation, which could include access to new features, incentives and compensation, and the opportunity to contribute to product or service features.
  • Offering multiple options for incentives increases participation.
  • The top five most popular gift card choices are Visa, Amazon, Target, Starbucks and Best Buy 
  • Provide options for participation that accommodate participants’ preferences and constraints, such as offering remote participation or flexible scheduling.
man raising hand in focus group

Try it! Send sample incentives to yourself or colleagues in minutes. No credit card is required to design and send stunning samples to show how your organization can improve enrollment, engagement, and retention.

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Three benefits to a research program with well thought out incentives

1. Increased Participation

Incentives motivate people to participate in research activities. Whether it’s an NPS survey, UI design feedback, or attending a focus group, a tangible reward can make people more willing to invest their time and effort.

2. Higher quality data

When participants are motivated by incentives, they are more likely to provide thoughtful and accurate responses. This can lead to higher-quality data from your research.

3. Positive Experience

Providing incentives can help create a positive experience, increasing future research participation and enhancing goodwill.



Straightforward compensation administration allows researchers to allocate their time to the studies rather than to logistical issues. 

For subjects, prompt and hassle-free incentive redemption is important. A good experience acknowledges their valuable participation ensuring they feel valued and respected in the process.


Attractive and compelling incentive options recruit more subjects and retain them longer. Incentives are a perfect “thank you” for research participation.

Many research studies, especially multi-part research, fail because participants end participation early.



Flexibility in managing incentive and reward delivery via SMS, email, or in-person with the ability to resend, edit, or revoke deliveries at any time puts you in control of incentives. 

Flexibility of choice lets you easily select incentives to offer with options ranging from Visa, AMEX, 3,000+ merchant gift cards, local vendors and physical card options.

Spend 20 minutes getting to know how TruCentive can  increase enrollment and participation.

We’re changing the way incentives are delivered!

Choice Matters

Offering focus group and research participants a choice of gift cards or payment methods encourages participation in your research.

Increased sense of control

When participants are given a choice of incentives and rewards, they feel more a greater sense of involvement.

Enhanced motivation

By allowing participants to select an incentive or gift card that is most meaningful to them, they are more likely to be motivated to contribute to the success of your research.

Positive association

Receiving a “desired” reward creates a stronger positive association with the research and its organizers.

Perception of value

Selecting a gift card or payment that is personally relevant to them increases the perceived value of the incentive.

By offering a choice of incentives to participants, researchers create a positive and rewarding experience, which can lead to increased motivation, engagement, and willingness to participate in future research.


uber eats
Safeway, Albertsons, Vons, Acme, Shaws, Randalls, Gift Card
CVS Gift Card


Amazon Gift Card
Visa Card
Walmart Gift Card


Fandango Card
AMC gift card
"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion."
W. Edwards Deming
Noted Statistician and Engineer
"Research is formalized curiosity, it is poking and prying with a purpose.”
Zora Neale Hurston
Author and Anthropolgist
“Research means that you don’t know, but are willing to find out”
Charles F. Kettering
Inventor and Engineer

Participant Experience

A simple and rewarding experience

The focus group and research reward process should be seamless and flexible for subjects.

A better experience leaves a lasting impression, enhances retention and helps ensure the success of your research.

Gift and reward choices can be delivered to your research participants via email, SMS message, or printed for in-person delivery, depending on preference. 

Initial incentive award messages can be followed up with automated reminders to help assure that all participants are included. Messages may also be sent Post-claim to add an extra “thank you,” to solicit further feedback or information. 

Typical Cadence

Day 0 – Initial incentive delivery

Day 1 – Reminder of unclaimed incentive

Day 5 – Reminder of unclaimed incentive

Day 15 –  Additional reminders as needed

A final reminder 5 days prior to the expiration of your incentive offer

Email, SMS, or in-person delivery

research incentives email
First SMS message

Research participant incentive and reward claim page

A choice of incentives can improve enrollment & retention

research incentive landing page

Researcher Experience

Convenience & Flexibility

The research incentive sending process should be uncomplicated, seamless and flexible for administrators.

Administrators may choose to deliver incentives via email, SMS message, or printed for in-person delivery, depending on your preference.

Initial incentive award messages are followed up with automated reminders to help assure that participants claim their reward.

Post-claim messages may be used in various ways, including additional feedback requests to reinforce the importance of your study or add an extra thank you. 

Typical Cadence

Day 0 – Initial incentive delivery

Day 1 – Reminder of unclaimed incentive

Day 5 – Reminder of unclaimed incentive

Day 15 –  Additional reminders as needed

A final reminder 5 days prior to the expiration of your incentive offer

Incentive and Reward Delivery

Add subjects individually or load a complete list.

Adding subjects for compensation for a clinical trial

Incentive and Reward Delivery

Edit, resend or revoke compensation deliveries

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More than gift cards

  • 3,000+ Major Brand Gift Cards – 150 countries
  • 85,000+ Local merchant gift cards
  • You choose or let your recipient enter their zip code and choose
  • Pre-Paid Visa & MasterCard cards – Digital and Physical Options
  • 10,000+ Merchandise options – No shipping, no markup
  • Payments – Deposit to Debit Card – Deposit to Bank Account – PayPal (300+ countries) & Venmo


TruCentive gives you the tools to deliver rewards and incentives in ways that magnify your brand and delight your recipients.

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