Using the Science of Incentives to Schedule More Meetings

Using the science of incentives to give prospects that little extra push

Prospects often need that extra little push to encourage them to take a meeting. Whether you’re encouraging webinar attendance or 1:1 calls with prospects, you’ll want to learn the science of incentives and how to use them to schedule more meetings.

In this edition of Coffee with TruCentive, we covered:

  • Getting the most perceived value from your incentive dollar
  • The best delivery timing for your incentive
  • Tipping the scale – incentive vs. friction (the ask)
  • Why testing is the only way to optimize your strategy
  • Why incentives should NOT be the main reason you get a customer to act
  • Recognition: you, your brand, and your incentive
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Incentives should NOT be the main reason for a prospect to take a meeting with you. They should have an existing need or interest and your incentive is a motivator to take that meeting now instead of a later date.  Learn more on how you can use incentives to get prospects to make that move today and the issues you face when designing your incentive strategy.  In this edition of Coffee with TruCentive; we cover why incentives should not be the main motivator and the reasons incentives work. We also address the issues associated with building perceived value, the best time to deliver your incentive, and getting the most from your incentive dollar.