Small Business Saturday is November 26, 2022!

Support small businesses and all they do for their communities.

Encourage your employees, customers, and partners to support their local small businesses via local Gift Cards on Small Business Saturday!

Go Local this Holiday Season!

Feel Good About Supporting Local Communities.

Small Business Saturday

Add Local Gift Cards to Your Holiday Program

Small business Saturday

Small Business Saturday Helps Our Communities

It’s a day to celebrate the nation’s nearly 32 million independent businesses, which help tie communities together while giving back to them.

Get Involved

Whether your organization has a single location or multiple locations, offering local gift cards lets employees, customers and partners shop locally and support their community. 

  • Select local cards by zip code, keyword, and/or category.
  • Offer recipients a selection of choices.
  • With over 85,000 options, there’s something for everyone.
  • Curate tailored choices for different locations.
Small business Saturday

Local Incentive Options

85,000+ local gift card options are available through the Square gift card Marketplace.  Curate a dazzling selection of “Shop Local” choices for your audience in support of Small Business Saturday.

Pay It Forward.

Small Business Saturday and National Small Business Week helped jump-start a trend of shopping locally. 

Shopping locally creates opportunities for local businesses to give back to the community through local community giving.

Investing in your area is an easy way to pay it forward to people in your community.

Shopping Locally:

  • Creates local jobs
  • Helps the environment
  • Stimulates the local economy
  • Supports local schools and charities
  • Invests in entrepreneurship
85,000 local gift card options available to help organizations keep dollars local

Why do people start small businesses?

The reasons for running a business have not changed much over time. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the reasons for starting a small business given recently have not changed much since 2014. 

Self-employment is more driven by opportunity than necessity

  • Only 7.4 percent of business owners with employees started their ventures because they could not find a job. Meanwhile, 56 percent felt starting a business was the best avenue for their ideas to create goods and services. (Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Annual Business Survey)

Women have unique business owner motivations

  • The top reason for becoming an owner for women was work and family balance. In total, 59 percent of women felt that this was the top reason to own their own business.

Owners sought both autonomy and better income

  • 64 percent of owners of firms with employees said wanting to be their own boss and having greater income were very important reasons for owning their own businesses
17 %
Greater income
0 %
Work / family balance
0 %
Best idea outlet
12 %
Flexible hours

Small Businesses Generate 44% Of U.S. Economic Activity

In 2014, the small business share of GDP came in at 43.5 percent

Nominal small business GDP measured $5.9 trillion

Small Businesses Use Payroll More Efficiently

GDP per payroll dollar was consistently greater for small businesses than for large businesses.


For every dollar spent at a small business, American Express estimates an average of $0.67 stays in that business's local community.


Running an Incentive Program?

If you have a favorite merchant you want to include in your "shop local" program, it's easy for any seller to offer and redeem gift cards via Square with no special equipment or monthly fees.  Support:

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