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University of Chicago goes Digital for Survey Rewards

UChicago wanted to streamline online surveys and help improve the thank you survey rewards process by giving physicians the ability to instantly send and track each gift 24/7. Using survey rewards UChicago was able to improve survey response rates, reduce management overhead and deliver rewards in minutes vs. days.

Learn how UChicago:

  • Enabled UofChicago to send out envelopes as needed from anywhere 24/7
  • Eliminated trips to purchase gift cards
  • Provided catalog of gift choices
  • Pays for items as needed and track if envelope opened
  • Physicians are now able to deliver a fully customized, branded email/text to each respondent upon completion of the survey

TruCentive eliminated the need to purchase gift cards, paying up front for any purchases, and manually distributing to families. UChicago can now quickly send rewards with full visibility to redemption while only paying for items when opened and having the remaining value of rewards returned to their account
after a defined period of time.

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