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Gift Cards, Payments, and Merchandise

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Gift Cards

3,000+ Gift Cards in 150 Countries

85,000+ Local Gift Cards


Deposit to Debit Card, Bank Account, PayPal, and Venmo


Thousands of merchandise options

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Gift Cards

Choose from over 88,000 local, domestic and international online gift card options and deliver them in ways that enhance your brand and maximize ROI by returning 100% of unclaimed funds back to you. Build programs to send your rewards and incentives via email or SMS message with scheduled reminders and additional calls to action!

  • Deliver a single card
  • Curate a group to choose from to match your audience or theme
  • Send our entire catalog and let your recipient choose
Safeway Gift Card
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Starbucks Card
Visa Card
Uber Gift Card
Walmart Gift Card


Choose from thousands of merchandise options from the latest electronics to personal care items. 

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Deliver Payments one at a time or at scale. Let your recipient choose the payment option they prefer. Don’t force your audience to create yet another account!

Deposit to Debit Card
Deliver funds directly to your recipient’s own debit card

PayPal & Venmo
Deliver to popular digital social payments apps

Deposit to bank account
Deliver funds via bank account and routing number

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PayPal Funds Delivery Logo
Venmo Add Funds Card
Deposit to Bank Account Card
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Gift Cards, Merchandise, & Payments

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More than gift cards

  • 3,000+ Major Brand Gift Cards – 150 countries
  • 85,000+ Local merchant gift cards
  • You choose or let your recipient enter their zip code and choose
  • Pre-Paid Visa & MasterCard cards – Digital and Physical Options
  • 10,000+ Merchandise options – No shipping, no markup
  • Payments – Deposit to Debit Card – Deposit to Bank Account – PayPal (300+ countries) & Venmo


TruCentive gives you the tools to deliver rewards and incentives in ways that magnify your brand and delight your recipients.

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