Lead Generation Incentives

Incentives can transform your ordinary marketing efforts into extraordinary marketing success.

Rewarding potential customers for taking action by offering lead generation incentives and rewards is an effective motivating tactic to gain new business.

Lead generation incentives are a useful tool for enticing new customers to engage with you and to help you build new audiences.

Thanks to Incentive Automation, the tools are available for you to successfully run these programs in-house.

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Proven Tactics For Marketing Agencies

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PR agencies and marketing firms have used lead generation incentive tactics successfully for years.

Organizations can easily learn from advertising agencies and marketing firms that have successfully employed the compelling appeal of gift cards in building captivating lead generation incentive rewards programs to facilitate customer and audience acquisition for their clients.

You no longer need to rely on a third-party marketing, PR firm or agency to set up and facilitate these programs.

Incentive automation makes it possible for any organization to offer lead generation incentive programs. And the tools allow programs to be economical and reduce the waste that used to be associated with gift card and incentive programs.

When to Provide Incentives?

Any desired pre-sales action by a prospect may be rewarded if that action is sufficiently valuable to you.

Make sure the value of customer incentives is commensurate with the effort required to be eligible for them. The value should be modest and not extravagant. The objective is to prompt a prospect to take action without creating a sense that they are indebted due to receiving something of excessive value.

There are many possible reasons to offer incentives to prospective customers.


Gift cards work well as incentives to attract attendees to events, lunch and learns or webinars. The prospect of a gift card also works well for increasing visibility and increasing traffic at trade shows.

Customer Acquisition:

Prospects may be rewarded with gift cards, or a choice of merchandise as a reward for taking a phone call or attending a meeting. It can be an attractive reason for potential customers to get engaged.

Prospect Lists:

Building a prospect list takes effort. Developing email marketing campaigns that offer gift cards or merchandise for lead generation and signing up for receiving information can accelerate prospects through the sales funnel.


Surveys are an excellent method to develop prospects. Offering gift cards may be an incentive to participate in your survey. Rewarding participants with gift cards after survey completion will increase full participation.


You can replicate the success that PR and marketing agencies have had in building social media contests with gift cards as the grand prizes. Gift cards may be offered as a reward for participation , increasing brand visibility and engagement.

Referral Programs:

Gift cards make a suitable reward for referring new customers. Existing customers often have a good idea of which of their peers may be an appropriate user of your services. Referral rewards incentivize existing customers to spread the word and help you expand your customer base.


Gift cards can be used as incentives for participation in consultations or assessments about the prospect’s unique situation. This encourages valuable feedback from potential customers, and provides an opportunity to showcase solutions.


Host contests or giveaways where participants may enter to win a prize by providing their contact information. You can build engagement and create excitement about your product and services while capturing leads in the process.

Incentive Value

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Make the incentive appropriate to the task at hand. Tie the incentive value to the amount of effort a potential customer may have to expend in order to fulfill the terms of your offer. The aim is to move folks to take action on something (such as signing up for emails, scheduling a meeting, or attending a webinar or lunch & learn) and become a part of the prospect pipeline.

Avoid presenting rewards that may seem excessive or are far too extravagant. Also keep in mind the potential success of your offer. Make sure it isn’t a value that is unsustainable.

Incentives are fun and casual offerings. They should not be extravagant. Keep in mind that almost every organization has limits on what is appropriate and ethical for employees to receive.

Plan accordingly to offer incentives that fall within the guidelines of your target audience.

Tips for Successful Lead Generation Incentives

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Return on Investment is a key focus for successful lead generation incentives

By closely monitoring and assessing the financial return you can ensure that your incentive program remains aligned with your new business generation objectives and maximize effectiveness.  

Choose a scalable, easy to use incentive and rewards platform that simplifies the implementation of your program. Incentive automation solutions automate repetitive tasks and reduce expenses by streamlining the incentive process.

Automated incentive systems for lead generation incentives  ensure that reminders and follow up occur so that offered rewards and incentives are redeemed.

Continuously assess the cost-effectiveness of your lead generation incentive program by comparing the expenses incurred with the revenue generated.

Unlike other incentive automation platforms, TruCentive charges a small delivery fee and automatically returns the value of unclaimed incentives to your account.

20.5% of digital awards, gifts, and incentives went unclaimed in 2022. That means you’re likely paying more than 20% for what companies advertise as  “free delivery.”

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