What Is Incentive Automation?

Incentive automation simplifies the delivery of gifts, rewards, and compensation.

Incentive automation offers a more professional and personal experience for incentive recipients and administrators and enhances the perceived value of your delivery of gifts, rewards, and compensation to recipients.

Automating what have traditionally been manual and fragmented processes makes incentives more successful, and far more cost-effective.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficiency and Time Savings
  • Professionalism
  • Personalization and Relevance
  • Scalability
  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Incentive Savings

Your incentive delivery process should maximize delight and memorability while minimizing cost by returning unclaimed deliveries. 

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Incentives work!

In 2024, the worldwide corporate incentives market is projected to exceed $300 billion, with 84% of American companies allocating $176 billion in 2022 towards incentives like gift cards, travel, and merchandise. These incentives reward sales staff, employees, channel partners, and customers.

While often viewed as an expense, studies in organizational behavior have found that frequent recognition can significantly enhance feelings of belonging and appreciation, leading to higher engagement levels independent of the target audience.

Incentive Automation saves significant time and effort compared to typical manual processes for incentives and rewards and helps ensure consistency, fairness, and accountability for engagement, incentive, and reward programs. (Read why employee engagement incentives are important) 

Using Incentive Automation to Express Gratitude

Employees have mobility and a wide range of options regarding where to pursue their careers. It’s crucial for employees to know that their contributions are acknowledged and rewarded.

Expressing gratitude to your employees using incentive automation to award frequent incentives and rewards stands out as one of the most straightforward and effective methods to enhance team and individual performance.

Incentive automation makes setting up and managing the ongoing recognition and appreciation process easy and repeatable. Consistency and memorability are important to building programs that are essential for fostering a positive work environment.

A study conducted by the Aberdeen Group found that companies with employee recognition programs had a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate than companies without such programs.

Organizations with recognition programs have 31% less voluntary turnover

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Using Incentive Automation to Attract and Retain Employees

Studies show that positive word-of-mouth is positively related to applicant attraction

Attracting and retaining talent is a key reality for most organizations. Cost of living, housing costs, commuting costs, inflation and healthcare all affect employees and prospective employees. These issues are consistently top of mind.

Perceptive employers are recognizing that practical employee rewards, although moderately small in intrinsic value, can play an outsized role in establishing and reinforcing positive employee perception. Incentive automation ensures you don’t miss an opportunity to reward.

When current employees speak highly of their workplace, it creates a favorable image for potential candidates.

Using Incentive Automation to Reward Partners

Incentives and rewards get channel attention, boost sales and drive channel loyalty

Incentives and rewards as part of your sales and partner programs are an effective strategy to boost sales and encourage sales representatives to engage and promote your products.

Loyalty programs reward channel sales reps with incentives after achieving a specific number of demo sales calls or reaching certain milestones.

Build incentive programs to attract prospects and deliver leads to partners using incentive automation programs. Provide your sales team access to gift cards for enticing prospects to schedule and participate in product demonstrations and meetings.

Make a point to highlight and reward top-performing partner sales representatives each month or quarter through announcements, and gift cards.

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Using Incentive Automation to Streamline Research Compensation

Incentive tools to motivate participation and reduce attrition

Incentive automation ensures that all participants are properly acknowledged and that reward correspondence is followed up.

Automated systems make it simple to offer multiple options for incentives to ensure maximum participant satisfaction. Traditional clinical trial compensation strategies cost programs time, money, and, most importantly, participants.

Studies show that by offering carefully selected compensation options, participants are more easily acquired and are more likely to stay engaged and remain throughout the duration of a study.

Just a bit of effort can have tremendous results

Let’s face it, manual processes, like ordering individual gift cards and distributing them, or manually sending redemption codes and PINs for digital cards is time-consuming and fraught with error. Anything  that must be performed manually is going to slow you down.

It’s all about making the incentive process as successful as possible while helping you save time, money, and effort.

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The Bottom Line:

Incentive Automation Streamlines the Incentive Process

Incentive automation leverages technology to simplify the creation, management, and execution of incentive programs.

By automating what has traditionally been a manual and fragmented process, organizations can now offer a more professional, personalized, timely, and cost-effective incentive experience.

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