Automated Events

Ensure That Engagement Occurs When It Means The Most

Automated events reduces the reliance on manual processes.

Manual processes, like ensuring that new employees are recognized during onboarding, or that employee anniversary dates or company milestones are celebrated with rewards and incentives are time-consuming and fraught with error.

Anything that must be performed manually is prone to being forgotten in the crush of business.

Automated Events ensure that engagement occurs when it means the most. Sending incentives, awards, gifts, and compensation are important to a positive impression and to overall success.

Automated Events enables the system to automatically initiate and process incentives in celebration of events and activities. These are based on criteria that you define, including pre-determined dates, birthdays, employee-anniversary dates and similar calendar and recurring dates.

Employee receiving a birthday gift and message automatically on their phone

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Whether it’s a customer anniversary or the steps in an employee onboarding process, you never have to worry about overlooking an individual or occasion again.

No Milestone Overlooked

Automating the delivery of incentives with automated events reduces the need for manual intervention, which enhances efficiency and scalability of incentives.

Manual reminders of events are typically impractical and then require manual processing of the delivery of incentives and awards.

Automated events is time-saving and ensures that no employee, customer, or partner recognition milestone is overlooked.

Timely Recognition

timely recognition

HR, marketing, customer support, and sales professionals send tailored and curated rewards and incentives recognizing important milestones to build deeper engagement and strengthen relationships.

Timely recognition creates a sense of belonging for employees, adds an individualized touch to customer relationships, and extends recognition to partners.

Automation Benefits

Efficiency and Accuracy

Automation reduces the manual workload involved in the incentive and award distribution process. This not only increases efficiency but also minimizes the chances of errors that can occur with manual handling.


Automated systems ensure timely delivery of incentives and awards. Timely incentives and rewards, especially for recurring dates like anniversary milestones foster employee satisfaction and engagement.


The delivery of incentives and awards through automation is scalable. Whether there are a few participants or a large cohort, automated systems can handle the distribution process efficiently.


Automation leads to labor and cost savings by reducing the need for manual processes needed to determine award dates, and enter data setting up deliveries of incentives and awards. This may significantly reduce errors.


Automated systems maintain a centralized repository for participant information and reward details rather than spread sheets and manual logs.

Audit Trails

Automation provides a clear audit trail of distributions, valuable for tracking transactions, ensuring accountability, and addressing any issues that may arise.

Participant Experience

Automation contributes to a positive participant experience. Participants receive their rewards promptly, leading to increased satisfaction and a higher likelihood of continued participation.


Whether it’s gift cards, physical goods, monetary, or other forms of recognition, automation allows for flexibility in tailoring the delivery of incentives and rewards.

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Automated Event Examples

For Your Employees

Birthdays: Sending personalized birthday messages or gifts.

Work Anniversaries: Celebrating milestones in an employee’s tenure at the company.

Annual Reviews: Automating reminders for performance review preparations.

Welcome Anniversaries: Celebrating the anniversary of an employee’s first day.

Team Milestones: Recognizing the completion of major team projects or goals.

Onboarding Sequences: Scheduling a series of fun events during the first 90 days of employment.

employees with colleagues

For Your Customers

Birthdays: Sending discount codes or special offers.

Membership Anniversaries: Celebrating the anniversary of their signup or first purchase.

Seasonal Promotions: Automated marketing campaigns for holidays or significant seasons for the business.

Loyalty Milestones: Recognizing points accumulated or loyalty status achieved.

Feedback Anniversaries: A year after they provided valuable feedback, thanking them again and showing what has changed.

Re-engagement Campaigns: Automated messages to customers who have yet to interact with the business for a set period.

For Your Partners

Partnership Anniversaries: Celebrating the anniversary of the partnership agreement.

Achievement of Goals: Recognizing when certain partnership goals or milestones are reached.

Event Invitations: Automated invites to webinars, conferences, or events that might interest them.

Thank You Messages: After completing projects, deals, or at the end of the fiscal year.

Quarterly Updates: Automated updates about the business, new products, or services that might interest them.

business partners

For Research Participants

Program entry dates: When participation intervals have passed.

Follow up dates: When follow on visit reminders may be required.

Travel and Expense reimbursement for scheduled visits

Automation Capabilities

Automation is a key distinguishing feature from traditional, manual methods. Automating routine tasks, such as reward distribution, progress tracking, and communication, frees up valuable time for administrators to focus on strategic planning and program optimization.

Automation enhances efficiency, reduces the likelihood of errors, and ensures a consistent and fair application of incentive rules. 

Automated events ensure recognition of birthdays, anniversaries, and key milestones.

Recognition that is consistent fosters a sense of belonging for employees and makes them feel valued and appreciated within the organization.

Recognition of anniversaries for customers strengthens the bond to the company making the relationship more personal than just transactional.

Key capabilities include unlimited date and event options with custom date fields in contact records that can trigger actions in any project.

Single event types, such as a birthday or anniversary date, are available to multiple projects to trigger recognition actions.

Timing flexibility provides the option to specify the date, time, and even the time zone for delivery.

oversees automated network

The Bottom Line:

Incentive Automation Streamlines the Incentive Process

Incentive automation leverages technology to simplify the creation, management, and execution of incentive programs.

By automating what has traditionally been a manual and fragmented process, organizations can now offer a more professional, personalized, timely, and cost-effective incentive experience.

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