Incentive Automation Systems

Exploring Key Capabilities

Organizations have always sought ways to enhance engagement, whether through marketing campaigns, sales calls, research programs, or building a positive workplace culture. Awards and incentives are key to driving participation. 

Incentive automation involves using a platform to manage and streamline the delivery of rewards and incentives to employees, customers, or partners. 

Incentive automation systems go beyond traditional manual approaches to award and incentive delivery. They have evolved to leverage technology, streamlining processes, increasing efficiency, and delivering a seamless experience for administrators and recipients, instilling confidence in the success of your incentive programs.

Incentive automation offers incentive recipients and administrators a more professional and personal experience. Incentive automation enhances the perceived value of your delivery of gifts, rewards, and compensation to recipients. Automating what have traditionally been manual and fragmented processes makes incentives more successful and far more cost-effective.

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Incentive Automation Features

Recipient Experience

Incentive automation systems should make the recipient experience exceptional. The delivery experience from the first email or SMS delivery, through to redemption reminders should be on brand, user-friendly and simple so that recipients can easily understand how to access and redeem them. 

Incentive deliveries should always accentuate your brand. It’s crucial that the spotlight remains on your message and brand rather than featuring the delivery vendor’s branding. Your branding ensures that the goodwill you aim to convey is fully realized and appreciated.

Curated award choices are another critical aspect of an incentive automation system, allowing administrators to provide a carefully chosen selection of incentives and rewards. Individual recipients may choose the incentive that is most attractive to them from the curated selection, increasing the perceived value of rewards, and making a more memorable connection and more positive sentiment .

Real-time tracking of progress and redemption is essential so that reminders can be automatically sent. You want to make sure that recipients see and redeem their incentives and awards.

high quality recipient experience

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Ease of Administration

An easy-to-use platform gives administrators and HR professionals a simple means to set up and manage the distribution and delivery process. It’s also easy to delegate responsibilities within the system and share creative assets and projects to make the process even easier and more brand-enhancing.

Ease of administration is important to the acceptance and success of a incentive automation system. Systems should simplify the setup and management of incentive programs, reduce the amount of work required to administer the system by HR professionals and other stakeholders. Dashboards should make it simple for administrators to create, customize, and launch incentive campaigns with ease.

Customization options tailor campaigns to precisely meet requirements and provide tools for implementation and tracking.

Effective recipient management tools are also crucial, allowing administrators to efficiently add, remove, and modify user accounts. Automation of routine tasks, including reward distribution and tracking, helps eliminate errors.

Projects should be easy to share and replicate so that company design objectives and brand integrity are ensured.

multi tasking HR manager administering incentive automation system

Design Capabilities

The visual appeal of incentives influences recipient’s reaction to it. Well-designed, aesthetically pleasing incentives are perceived as more valuable and thoughtful.

Brand alignment plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of incentives. Incentive automation automatically creates consistent branding and design of incentive emails, SMS messages and landing pages to support the company’s branding. It also automatically personalizes communication, a key to a well thought out incentive. 

Thoughtful, personalized design counts. Visually attractive incentives generate more excitement and engagement and creates a buzz in the workplace to encourage others to aim for similar recognition.

Send ready projects make the process of replicating effective campaigns straightforward. Any project and all associated assets can be shared and replicated with a minimum of effort, ensuring consistency and sharing of best practice.

designing incentive automation offers

Rewards and Incentive Catalog

A sizable and attractive rewards catalog is important for an effective incentive automation system.

Platforms should offer a wide range of incentives to cater to the diverse preferences and motivations of employees so that local, domestic and international online gift card choices and options can be curated into effective and exciting offerings.

Effective platforms include the tools to deliver rewards and incentives in ways that delight your recipients. Features including “Recipient Choice,” advanced editing capabilities to create stunning experiences, and the flexibility to send more than gift cards allow full control over incentive, message, and delivery.

Delivery via email or SMS message along with scheduled reminders and additional calls to action ensure redemption.

Incentive automation should enable the easy curation, addition and removal of incentives based on changing organizational needs and feedback from recipients. Regularly updating the catalog ensures that the incentive program remains fresh and aligned with evolving employee preferences.

Notebook displaying the catalog of payment, gift card, and merchandise options for Incentive Fulfillment and Reward Delivery


Full reporting capabilities are essential to measure the impact and effectiveness of incentive and reward programs.

An effective incentive automation system provides real-time analytics and reporting tools that enable administrators to track key metrics such as participation rates, redemption rates and success.

Additional capabilities allow for reporting to enable the ability to easily access and manage:

  • Account & Project Financial Reporting
  • Roles Control Access & Features
  • Financial Controls
  • Project Funds Allocation


Effective reporting not only enhances program evaluation but also serves as a valuable tool for refining future incentive strategies.

woman looking at reports on tablet

Automation Capabilities

Automation is a key distinguishing feature from traditional methods. Platform should make it easy to automate routine tasks, such as reward distribution, progress tracking, and communication, freeing up valuable time for administrators to focus on strategic planning and program optimization.

Automation enhances efficiency, reduces the likelihood of errors, and ensures a consistent and fair application of incentive rules. Automated events ensure recognition of birthdays, anniversaries, and key milestones.

Recognizing and remembering milestones for employees, customers, and partners builds emotional connections, enhances loyalty, drives engagement, and differentiates you from competitors. Recognition that is consistent fosters a sense of belonging for employees and makes them feel valued and appreciated within the organization.

Recognition of anniversaries for customers strengthens the bond to the company making the relationship more personal than just transactional.

Key capabilities should include Unlimited date and event options with custom date fields in contact records that can trigger actions in any project.

Single event types, such as a birthday or anniversary date, should be available to multiple projects to trigger recognition actions.

Timing flexibility should provide the option to specify the date, time, and even the time zone for delivery.

businesswoman hands touching screen


Seamless integration with other systems is an important aspect of a superior incentive automation platform. Whether it’s integration with HR software, performance management systems, or communication tools, the platform should effortlessly connect with existing infrastructure.

Automate your rewards and incentives by setting a property value automatically in a CRM workflow or send envelopes when surveys are completed.

Integration flexibility is paramount when implementing an incentive automation system.

people holding gears as metaphor for system integration

A little effort can yield tremendous results

Let’s face it, manual processes, like ordering individual gift cards and distributing them, or manually sending redemption codes and PINs for digital cards is time-consuming and fraught with error. Anything  that must be performed manually is going to slow you down.

It’s all about making the incentive process as successful as possible while helping you save time, money, and effort.

streamline incentive automation process

The Bottom Line:

Incentive Automation Streamlines the Incentive Process

Incentive automation leverages technology to simplify the creation, management, and execution of incentive programs.

By automating what has traditionally been a manual and fragmented process, organizations can now offer a more professional, personalized, timely, and cost-effective incentive experience.

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